Cultivation and Drilling

Eames Ag offers a full range of soil preparation and cultivation services for all ground conditions and crop requirements. We know that good ground preparation is key to a good crop outcome. We can work with you recommending ways to efficiently and cost effectively work your ground, while still achieving a good crop outcome.

We pride ourselves on investing and keeping up to date with the latest machinery, equipment and technology and are constantly looking at ways of improving our services for our clients.

Below is a list of gear, which outlines the benefits of each piece of equipment:

Lemkin Ploughs

With auto reset reversible ploughs 1x 5 Furrow and 1 x 7 Furrow.

Kverneland Chisel Plough Subsoiler

3.5 metre.  Ideal for deeper cultivation requirements to alleviate pugging and compaction.

4AG DVi970 Heavy Offset Discs

These heavy offset discs are used for the most demanding jobs.  They allow for maximum penetration and total control.  Great for flat, rolling, pasture, trashy crop, land development.

Lemkin Zirkon Power Harrow

To be used for the perfect seedbed preparation.  Creates an optimal seedbed in virtually any soil conditions.

Heliodor Cultivator

The Heliodor compact disc harrow can be used for both shallow stubble, cultivation in light to medium soils, after ploughing and for seedbed preparation.

Heavy Duty Folding Redback Leveller

Used primarily for leveling out ploughed ground, can be used in combination with roller for better consolidation.

Tine Cultivator

Can be used for seedbed preparation. Suitable for drying our damp, stale ground.

Vaderstad Rollex 620 Rollerdrill with Biodrill

6metre Cambridge Roller with breaker ring and leveling paddles, designed to crush and level out ground for a optimum seedbed.  Equipped with Biodrill which allows extremely uniform drilling of small seeded crops with precision down to 1kg per ha.

Vaderstad Rapid Drill

Drilling directly in stubble, after ploughing or in a reduced tillage system are all possible. The Rapid Drill’s powerful front tool and soil-cultivating seed discs, can drill in any conditions. This saves many passes before drilling. The high coulter pressure gives good penetration into the soil.  The pneumatic seed drill Rapid can drill everything from small-seeded crops such as grass seed to large-seeded crops such as peas.

Gaspardo Direct Drill Gigante

4 Metre Direct Drill suitable for seeding small seeds through to large with fertiliser.  Also has the capability for broadcasting slugbait.

Celli Spike Rotor

3 Metre spike rotor is ideal for going into unbroken ground in many conditions and can leave a seedbed in one pass.  The spike rotor leaves no panning of ground, unlike a rotary hoe.