Grass/Baling Work

Eames Ag has all the latest Machinery required to promptly handle your grass/crop work requirements, from mowing to baling and stacking of your crop. A very valuable resource requires good machinery and operator to ensure you retain the crops essential nutrient for the best quality feed.

Our gear and the benefits and options available for your crops are list below:

Class Disco 920 Triple Front & Rear Mowers

Conditioner mowers can be used to significantly reduce wilting and drying time for effective use of a very short harvesting window.  You can save on the time required for crop turning operations.  The crop is more evenly spread over the working width, which creates an even drying.

Lely Lotus Tedders

Good tedding means effective turning of the crop as well as a very airy, even distribution of the crop. Obtaining the perfect dry matter content in your crops quickly by speeding up the drying process.  By doing so you influence the consistently and the quality of your end product.

Fella Twin Rotar Swathers

The Fella Rakes produce a clean swath up of grass. Swathing with our rakes is perfect for feeding into our balers.

New Holland 1270 Standard Square Baler

The New Holland baler is a high capacity large square baler capable of baling high-density bales of baleage, hay, straw and peavine.   Crop cutter is a optional feature where two chopping lengths can be selected 8cm or 4cm.  Bale dimension are 120cm x 70cm.

New Holland Conventional Baler

This baler is available for baling small conventional size bales of hay, straw and peavine.

Lely Tornado Baler/Wrapper RPC445

The combination baler wrapper has a variable chamber, bale sizes from 90cm to 160cm.

Good and consistent compacting speeds up the start of the crop fermentation process. This is how you retain the crops’ essential nutrients for the best-quality feed. Our baler offers both the best compacting and the highest pick-up capacity for good-quality feed.

Preserve the quality of your crops and minimise heat and oxygen damage. By wrapping the bales of crops as quickly as possible, you do not give oxygen a chance to contaminate the fermentation process. Our Lely baler/wrapper guarantees both speed and quality.

There is also the option to knife the crops when baling to create a more chopped up result when feeding out the product to stock.

Pronovost Tuber/Bagger

A cost effective way of wrapping Rounds of Baleage.  With a single piece of plastic tube, which eliminates air and water seepage, for good quality silage.  The bag stretches tightly over the bales, eliminating all air movement inside the tube.  50 Bales or less per tube.

Bio-Start Silage Preserver

When making bales we also have the option available to add an inoculant to your crops. We have been using Bio-Starts Silage King or Hay King and have had excellent results using it.

The key to making quality grass and cereal silage is an efficient and complete ferment. The fermentation extracts in Silage King ensure a rapid rise in beneficial lactic acid producing bacteria and the suppression of undesirable microbes. The end result is sweeter smelling silage that lasts longer.

When making Hay, getting just the right conditions can be a tricky proposition. Too damp at baling and substantial losses in quality can be cause by mould growth and the subsequent heat buildup. Hay King uses a combination of fermentation extracts that help inhibit microbial activity on baled hay. Hay King increases the window of opportunity for making quality hay bales, which we also use on straw bales.

Bale Stacking and Loading

As an option we are able to offer Stacking and Loading of your bales.  We have forks and softhands available to quickly stack bales away in the paddock, shed or onto trailers for cartage.